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Started by VTEC_Inside, August 27, 2007, 07:08:52 PM


CSX freight comes through my home town two times a day---South, then the return north. Usually no more than twenty cars behind the locomotive. The town hall in the background was built in ca1915. The jails cells are still in the building.


The last wedding I attended, last October (2020). This was in the mountains of SC around Easley. The weather was wet and foggy.....and absolutely beautiful. The wedding was an outdoor chapel overlooking a valley. Only the valley was hidden by the fog, lending a surreal backdrop to the wedding party.

I routinely take the shower caps when we stay at hotels to use as rain covers for cameras. In this case I pulled the cover down over the lens and crumpled it slightly to give the effect seen.

Canon EOS1D, 28-135mm lens.

Morris Minor

Nice! I like the Bentley too.
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Whitehurst Store and its original gas pump. Still standing today as you see it here.