Author Topic: Mazda RX-8 Gets A Reverse Restomod With A ’70s Savannah RX-3 Facelift  (Read 231 times)

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Mazda RX-8 Gets A Reverse Restomod With A ’70s Savannah RX-3 Facelift

Affectionately called the RX-38, this custom car combines two RX models into one unique package. Here in the States, the RX-8 isn’t exactly an icon but even fewer fans lust after the old-school RX-3. Despite what looks like a very skillful conversion, we’re not totally sure this combo would win over either subset of fans though.

On sale in Japan and posted on the site, this RX-8 is one of the Type S models that we never received here in America. In its home country, the Type S was sold with a manual transmission only as well as with upgraded brakes, an upgraded suspension, a bit more power, and 18-inch wheels.

Atop that platform, the owner has added a widebody kit with big fender flares at each corner and of course, the RX-3-esque front end. It’s a popular mod on the RX-7 but we think it looks better on that car than it does here. Something about the way this car tries to blend sharp edges with a complete lack of them behind the windshield just doesn’t jive.

Nevertheless, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and this sure would be one way to make your RX-8 stand out at a car show or meetup. It’s cool to see that the car has been modified to take full advantage of that widebody kit with the 18-inch Volk Racing wheels butting right up to the edge of the fenders.

Under the hood is a rotary engine that should make about 247 hp (184 kW). According to the ad, the car has only been driven some 52,000 miles (85,000 Km) so it might still be very close to that original total. From what we gather, the seller might be in the process of overhauling the engine too.

The rest of the car looks like it’s in great condition too. The interior looks especially nice and doesn’t show any major issues in the front or back seats. It might not be a bad deal for the 2,798,000 yen ($22,033 USD) asking price and it even comes with two years of complimentary maintenance.

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The fender flairs seem like an afterthought. 
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No sir, I don't like it.

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I think it looks pretty good especially in that light matte color.