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Re: GTPC 501
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13 cars, 60 cylinders, 52 manual forward gears and 9 automatic, 2 FWD, 42 doors, 1988 average year of manufacture, 3 convertibles, 22 average mpg, and no wheel covers.

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Re: GTPC 501
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yep...the blueberry barrens of Washington County, Maine.  Nick can tell you all the rest, because I'm guessing this is where a large part of his blueberry hunting took place.

The blueberry farm I worked for had two branches: one handled the barrens downeast, and the other handled the rest. I did the rest, which consisted on over a hundred smaller, often privately owned fields, scattered in an area between Brunswick, Ellsworth, and up past Farmington. Some damn beautiful places, for sure. If it paid more, I would totally go back and do it.
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