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***Wimmer Munich Sightings Part 5*** (A must for Audi and BMW fans!)

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This was pretty cool. Some rich folks got married and were driven through Munich in a white Audi Q7! Their friends followed in a black Audi A8 and a white Audi R8. Precisely as they were driving by honking their horns, I was in the midst of adjusting my camera shutter speed settings. I didn't get to set them properly and hence the pictures are a bit blurry (plus I was too close to the cars to do proper panning shots). By the way, this happens often that I am caught off-guard or with the improper speed setting...

Anyway, the cars here were awesome and I've selected the best shots from this sequence.

Maserati Quattroporte. Caught me off-guard and my shutter speed settings were probably 1/50s or 1/60s.

This Mercedes S-Class AMG was soon joined by a black Audi R8. Hotness x 2!

This is the central Munich police station. Check out their rides and the unmarked civilian BMW police cruisers.

Where is the best car in the world? The Lexus LS? Huh? Where is it?

Loved the rims on the the Q7 and the ML looked hot in white.

Chrysler 300 Taxi

Another Audi RS6 Avant


Jaguar E-Type

W220 Mercedes S-Class Taxi

I think this was a Chrysler 300 with a Hemi V8, otherwise I would't have photographed it!

BMW 3er Police Cruiser

Aston Martin anyone?


What is this!?

Mercedes E63 AMG

I think I spotted an M3 Sedan here but I am not so sure. BMW experts, your opinion please. The last shot shows the "M3 sedan" with the Isartor.

Mercedes W221 S-Class vs Ford Mustang GT. Check out the license plate on the Benz. As they sped by me the Arabs inside gave me the thumbs up sign. Too bad that shot was so blurry because I was standing too close to the car for proper panning...

ML with a cool license plate. Anyone get it?

Some cool taxis from Munich...

"Bling Bling" Audi A8 Taxi... Again, my shutter speed settings were too low. I think I was using 1/60s here...

W221 S-Class Taxi

Audi A8 Taxi

Audi A6 Taxi

BMW 5er Taxi

Another old A8 Taxi

Mercedes CLS with Lorinser rims I believe.

Detailed shots of this baby again! I repeat, NOT AN S5, but tastefully done.

Maserati Quattroporte

Mercedes 220SE Fintail without a hood ornament! God damn it!

Mercedes CL500

MB R107 SL

Ford Transit and VW Caravelle Polizei in action!

MB W220 Taxi

Working on Part 5! Patience!

That silver 3er is definitely not an M3. M3s have side gills as well as a hood bulge.


--- Quote from: BimmerM3 on November 03, 2008, 12:48:44 am ---That silver 3er is definitely not an M3. M3s have side gills as well as a hood bulge.

--- End quote ---

That's what you Bimmer experts are here for.  :lol:  :ohyeah:


S Classes are for posers and cheap celebrities.

The reason you don't see any Lexus LS cars is because it takes REAL money and REAL class to buy one. They are no doubt well hidden from the views of such peasants as yourself.


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