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1979 MGB beginner project. - $1200

This is a great 1979 yellow MGB, Engine head has been rebuilt, with many new parts, I?ve put about $1200.00 into it thus far but with my back problems I just can?t work on it. It needs new carpet , windshield reset, new dash was in the plan but wouldn?t need to be done. The weber Carb is great. I have the title, parts list, lots of older papers, Complete restoration manual and electrical manual. The body is in good shape, the plan was to do the mechanical and interior, then work on a few minor spots on the body and repaint. When these are done right they sell from $10,000-15,000. I just love the style and planned to make it my summer driver, With my back problems I need to work on something a bit higher off the ground. Call with any questions I always love to talk about my MG. Thanks

He says it needs a carpet (big whoop), a new top (eh, oh well), that windshield thing (meh) and some electrical gremlin worked out (!). It doesn't run because of the electrical problem. He thinks it's the distributor. Rust is not a bad problem on the car. The only thing I'm nervous about is the electrical thing, because I've never really dealt with that kind of problem before.

What I want is, basically, a fun sports car that's not entirely unreliable. I don't need to drive it a long distance, but it needs to spend more time on the road than in the driveway. I have time to work on a car, I (think) I have a place, and I have enough disposable income to afford such a thing, unless it gets way out of hand. I doubt I'll keep it more than a year unless I totally fall in love with it.

What would you do, and more importantly, what should I do? :lol:

Eye of the Tiger:
Buy it.


Raza :
Buy it.

I have several issues of Sports/Exotic Car scattered throughout my house with an ongoing MGB restoration, I can scan and email them to you if you do buy it.

Also consider a subscription to that magazine anyway, because it's great stuff if you like classic sports cars.

Raza :
And check out Classic Motorsports, GRM's sister mag.


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