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I'm wondering if our household could go to one car. I've put about 700 miles on my Miata this year. I do enjoy driving in the backroads, but it's about 90 hours of slog for maybe 30 minutes of fun. Traffic here just sucks and the suburbs have grown, so that my formerly empty fun roads are now dotted by absentminded Model 3s going under the limit.

Given that shockingly low utilization, I'm wondering if the 1 person : 1 car paradigm is relevant to us anymore. It probably makes more sense for families with jobs that require commuting and kids that need hauling. Doesn't apply to us. I work from home until further notice, but even when I worked at an office, I biked to work most of the year.

I'm thinking of a radical overhaul to our car stable:
* Subaru upgraded to Ioniq5. 100% of our driving over the past three years could be done within the car's battery range alone. I think it would be a comfortable and fun car to own. I looked at the Genesis GV60 but the inventory is essentially nonexistent and the range is pretty mediocre, only 230 miles!
* Miata sold, replaced by a fleet of bikes:
  - a nice road or gravel bike for myself;
  - a beefy ebike with good pannier racks and stout tires for shopping runs within a 10 mile radius. NOT a fat tire bike. Yuck.
  - a decent ebike so that we can go out shopping by bike as a couple.

What do you think, is it heretical? I can always buy another car later if I end up regretting it, but we're adaptive enough that we could handle any one-off inconveniences by pulling out the credit card. I think I would feel less guilty if my beautiful Miata was in the hands of someone who used it more.

Eye of the Tiger:
Makes sense to me. Def should get matching mopeds.

A friend has been telling me to get a Dutch cargo ebike, but they're just too out of place here :lol:

Eye of the Tiger:

--- Quote from: Laconian on September 24, 2022, 12:54:46 pm ---A friend has been telling me to get a Dutch cargo ebike, but they're just too out of place here :lol:

--- End quote ---

Who gets to ride in the front?

I know one or two families with a cargo ebike like this. They seem useful for a small city like Provo where you could ride to the store and back without issue.


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