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Suggestions for car for wife's new job

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Wife quit her job a few months ago and started yesterday at her new job in Brooklyn.  That's over 60 miles one way from our house in potentially horrendous traffic.  Yeah I don't think that's a smart thing to do but that's for a different topic :lol:  Don't want to move because my daughter is in 11th grade and is shy so the trauma of changing her high school is not something we want to put her through. My son, whose currently in 6th grade, is much more resilient and so in two years when my daughter is in college we may move closer to her job. 

Her current car is a 2019 Infiniti QX60 which sucks premium gas.  We both love the car.  The important thing here is my wife suggested we get a new or used different car for her to commute in (since it's "her" idea, this may actually come to fruition).  We have one other car and that's my Hyundai Veloster.  Nanny drives kids around in her own car (for which I pay her gas money, currently at 62.5 cents/mile according to latest IRS figures, which is what I compensate her). 

Sometimes my wife will probably be able to work from home but there's nothing written about it in her contract.  She'll have to see how doable that is.  Hopefully it can be something like 2 days a week work from home.  Sometimes she might take the train/subway to work but honestly the train/subway service in the NYC and greater NYC area leaves a lot to be desired.  Especially in NYC where it's dirty and not very safe.  Plus commute going to work in the morning is much longer on the train/subway but on the way back it's shorter (wife beats morning rush hour going to work but is in rush hour on the way back). 

What would you do?

1) Keep the status quo regarding our car situation.  Using, compared with an EV, we'll end up paying an extra 5 to 6 thousand dollars a year in fuel costs if she drives the QX60 to work.

2) Get an EV.  This would require higher than normal costs of just putting in a level 2 charger because I would upgrade my home electrical system because it's very old (circa 1980s equipment and wiring).  Even my ring doorbell can't be directly hardwired in my house because the system is too old.  If I were to get an EV, I'd probably try to get a Kia EV6 or Hyundai Ioniq 5.  Maybe a Ford Mustang Mach-E.  I think the Tesla Model 3 or Model Y ride is probably not going to be comfortable enough and Model S is too expensive. 

New VW Jetta.

60 miles one way in traffic?  what's the drive time on that?

That sounds like it could be 2-3 hours one way. 

She's going to drive 120 miles a day, in NYC traffic, to Brooklyn?!

That's absolutely brutal.  She's going to be commuting at a minimum 3-4 hours a day?

Eye of the Tiger:
Get a helicopter


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