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The Big Guys / Re: Rivian electric truck
« Last post by Morris Minor on February 23, 2019, 06:17:42 am »
Compact trucks, foreign or domestic, died in the US for a reason. I have no idea what that reason is, but it was pervasive enough to kill off the whole segment.

As for trucks being overpriced, lol. I do think the impending credit crunch will be a reckoning of biblical proportions for the industry. Profits will plummet either by sales volume, or more likely incentives at levels we've never seen. But in the medium term they'll be fine
This is a mystery to me too.
People have insane love for their old S-10s, Rangers and B2000s. Kids love them - they're ridiculously customizable. And they're a great proposition for people who just want a bit of practicality without having to have a chrome-laden Tonka Toy giant occupying all of their garage space.
The Mainstream Room / Re: Model 3 still on track for 2017?
« Last post by 12,000 RPM on February 23, 2019, 05:30:31 am »
OMG Forbes ads are the worst, my poor poor 48 core Xeon workstation is crying from all these videos taking over the screen.
There has to be a term for these kinds of pages. Ad grenades? They dim the lights like a bass drop 😂

But let's discuss his common core math
The Mainstream Room / Re: Driving an Audi Q2 30 TDI SUV...
« Last post by cawimmer430 on February 23, 2019, 05:12:23 am »
Some pics and a quick video review!  :cheers:

It's overall an ok car. I'm not a fan of the exterior design, but the interior is nice. My main issues with the Q2 30 TDI were power related. Don't get me wrong, it's sufficient for people who don't like cars (0-100 km/h takes 10.7 seconds) and the 1.6-l turbodiesel engine is surprisingly smooth, but to me the motor felt sluggish. The first three gears of the transmission had such low gearing forcing you to constantly shift in city traffic conditions.

It was a nice experience, the car actually drives very nicely (not sporty) and competent but maybe it would be more fun with a more powerful and responsive engine and a DSG. So in short, a decent and practical car only in this case let down by its weak and sluggish motor.

The Good
+Refined engine, smooth and quiet in conditions under 130 km/h
+Very fuel efficient (despite my flooring and fast driving style, I was averaging 5.1 L of Diesel per 100 km (46 mpg)
+Roomy interior / roomy trunk
+Excellent cabin quality and materials
+Excellent digital tachometer/maps with good readability
+Excellent audio quality/radio
+Precise steering feedback
+Excellent brakes and braking feedback
+Good neutral handling and composed suspension
+Relatively comfortable, seats offer decent side support
+Typical German car feel at high speeds: solid and safe

+It goes past 200 km/h so that's good! :lol:

The Bad
-Sluggish engine and power
-Loud engine after 130/140 km/h
-Rubbery 6-speed manual transmission with insanely short gearing on 1st, 2nd and 3rd gears, annoying in city driving
-Windshield nozzle sprayers are slow to respond (you activate them and a second later they respond instead of instantaneously)

Quick Review

Driving and the Law / Re: Ohio Traffic-Camera Law Takes Enforcement to Busy Freeways
« Last post by dazzleman on February 23, 2019, 04:56:20 am »
The Constitution just keeps giving - Eighth Amendment - excessive fines & all that.
Cities should be wary of funding operations by using their law enforcement departments to forcibly separate citizens from their cash & property.
Cue TN State Rep Andy Holt:

I know that ubiquitous camera enforcement is all over Europe and places like China now, but I hope it fails in the US.  Somehow, we don't have camera tickets in Connecticut yet, despite the revenue potential.  I hope that continues to be the case.  The potential for abuse by the government is greater than ever in this era of electronic control and surveillance and our freedom is the most threatened I have ever seen.

Kudos to Andy Holt for telling people what to do with those stupid tickets.
General Automotive / Re: Car Chat
« Last post by dazzleman on February 23, 2019, 04:16:51 am »
Man you just can't beat the excitement of a pro-touring style muscle car. So much violence and yet it will stick the road (unlike previous muscle car builds that only went straight)

Now that's a car!  My uncle had a car that looked a lot like that - a Chevy Malibu.  I think it was the same body design but without the supercharged power.  His was a 69 or 70.  Before that, he had a 65 Mustang.

Thanks for posting the video, man.  I really enjoyed watching it.  A car like that is what I grew up with as my idea of the ideal car (even though my family never owned anything close to that).  I remember when cars like that were all over the road.  In a lot of ways, cars from the late 1960s and early 1970s are still my ideal, though I am fully aware of how much better today's cars are in a lot of ways.

The guys in the video seems pretty cool, too.  Was the guy on the left Matt Farah?  I've seen him with Rob Ferretti on some other videos.  Who was the guy driving the car?
The Constitution just keeps giving - Eighth Amendment - excessive fines & all that.
Cities should be wary of funding operations by using their law enforcement departments to forcibly separate citizens from their cash & property.
Cue TN State Rep Andy Holt:
The Mainstream Room / Re: Driving an Audi Q2 30 TDI SUV...
« Last post by 2o6 on February 23, 2019, 01:09:57 am »
Iím not quite sure what the point of the Q2 is, either.

Itís sort of a coupe-like Q3?? akin to what the X2 is to the X1?

But, the Q2 is shorter and comes with cheaper, smaller engines than the Q3.

But itís more expensive than the A3.
General Automotive / Re: Car Chat
« Last post by CaminoRacer on February 22, 2019, 11:22:07 pm »
I've started a car with a battery from another car and just swapped in the dead battery after it was running. Worked fine.
General Automotive / Re: Car Chat
« Last post by MX793 on February 22, 2019, 09:54:35 pm »
Well, assuming you're trying to get power to the starter, no, you'd want to ground to the engine.

Yeah, good point.  That's honestly probably more the reason why they recommend grounding to the chassis than the sparking near hydrogen thing.  I know that the guidance to connect the positive first is to prevent sparks.

Reminds me of a story my dad told me some years ago.  He and my grandfather were at some kind of event (I think it was a NASCAR race) and they see these people having some difficulty starting their car.  Then they see them carrying a battery over to the car that won't start.  My dad asks them what they were doing and they explained that they didn't have any jumper cables, so they were going to jump start the car by just touching the terminals of the batteries together.  My dad then offered them his jumper cables so they wouldn't hurt themselves.
Luxury Talk / Re: 2019 BMW 3 Series G20: This Is It!
« Last post by shp4man on February 22, 2019, 09:34:30 pm »
I agree with Wimmer. Some of the European governments are poorly run and based on faulty, idealistic beliefs. 
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