Cummins Fined $1.67B for Diesel Emissions Defeat Devices

Started by Laconian, December 23, 2023, 11:42:06 AM


Y'know, I always thought that some RAMs smelled differently from other diesel vehicles, a lingering cloud of raspy lung-feel after a brodozer clatters by.
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100% IME - diesels are awful but Dodge/Ram were always the loudest and stinkiest (and slowest). The problem is the Cummins I-6 is an industrial diesel (heavy, low RPM/power) with ginormous bores (harder to control emissions) whereas the Ford diesel is light duty junk and the GM diesel somewheres in between (= Isuzu). Even with the cheat, the Cummins is still 100+ hp shy of both Ford and GM.

Eye of the Tiger

Maybe some cheap Cummins RAMs are on the horizon... after buyback, detuning, and reselling.
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